Corporate Governance

Autumn Lodge is a public company limited by guarantee and incorporated on 11th August 2011. We are a not-for-profit, community based, charitable organisation which services the aged care needs of its local community.

Autumn Lodge is governed by a Board of Directors, comprising six (6) Directors.

Feedback from residents, family and community members is encouraged.

There are several ways to ‘feedback’ to Management:

• Complete a Yellow form and place in the form box. These are located in the Residential Care reception areas, or staff can assist you.
• Speak to a staff member who will complete the form on your behalf.
• Attend monthly Residential Care Resident’s meetings.
• Speak directly to the Residential Care Managers or the CEO.
• If the complaint is of a serious nature and you are not satisfied with the responses of the facility management you are advised to contact the the Department of Health and Ageing – Complaints Investigation Scheme.
• We appreciate this may take the form of a complaint, however we use your
feedback as an opportunity to improve.

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