Dementia Care

Individual Resident Rooms
In Ningana, familiarity is very important to making our Residents feel at home. Ningana is a fully secure wing in our Glass Street site.

We encourage ownership of the room, adding their own familiar furniture and decoration. Each room is equipped with a 24 hour emergency nurse call system. 

Each room is fitted with a nurse call system. This system includes a motion sensor, out of bed sensor, wet bed sensor and bathroom visit timer sensor.

All sensors are set to cater for the needs of the individual, allowing each resident as much freedom without staff intruding unnecessarily.

The bathrooms are all wheel chair accessible, and fitted with contrast colours where to assist with locating the toilet and hand basin.
Common Areas
Dementia Common areas include: living room, dining area, kitchen and activities room.

Our large lounge area has Foxtel TV and music and a fully functional kitchenette.

Our garden area is accessible to all Residents and provides a lovely place for morning or afternoon tea, as well as somewhere to relax.

The activities offered in Ningana throughout the day are customised for the individual.

Activities are based on identified therapeutic and reminiscent needs as well as enjoyment.

Many of the Residents benefit from doing “every day” activities such as folding washing or shelling peas.

Exercise sessions are held almost every day to ensure that all residents are getting enough physical activity.

Behaviour Management: Sensory activities such as hand massage, bus trips, Music Therapy, are provided to assist with difficult behaviours.

We have a relaxing Sensory room for one-on-one resident sessions.

A selection of our activities:

• Exercise class 3-4 times each week
• Bingo twice each week
• Puzzles and mind games
• Painting and craft
• Reading the newspaper and discussion
• Sing-a-long-movies
• Music therapy
• Pet therapy
• Gardening & watering

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