Leisure & Lifestyle

Fun Activities to Stay Entertained, Happy & Active

Autumn Lodge has a variety of activities to interest and involve residents. Activities are encouraged and always supervised by a qualified Lifestyle Co-ordinator. We believe is it important to engage each resident physically and mentally throughout their stay with us. Social activities and other types of engagement can provide many health benefits for aged people. Some physical activity is better than none at all, so our staff would love to help our residents to get involved in any way we can.

We offer the following types of activities:

Exercise classes for all levels of ability Church services Outings in the bus Music sessions, sing-a-longs, instrument recitals ♡ Small social groups, cards, quizzes, word games ♡ Annual social events e.g. May Ball, Christmas parties, any excuse for an event or celebration ♡ Craft activities ♡ Art groups 
Manicure sessions ♡ Walking group ♡ Croquet outdoors ♡ Small gardening groups ♡ BBQs ♡ Picnics 
Discussion groups ♡ Bingo ♡ Community group programs ♡ Movies on the large screen ♡ Skype and email to relatives
Have Any Questions?
If you have a question about how we run any of the activities mentioned, please give us a call for more information from our staff.
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